The Mind Set Collective

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What We Do

The Mind Set Collective Ltd provides transformative meditation services to those who are seeking a holistic rediscovery of their emotional, psychological and physical selves.

The company is founded on the understanding that a shift in mind set is key to life-changing realisations & personal journeys. 

We aspire to support you on such experiences through a collective offering of services within a community of likeminded individuals.

We inspire you to recognise the impact of your own experiences and the experiences of those around you.

Read on to find out about our service offer!

Time-to-Breathe-Online Meditation Classes

MIND provides virtual meditation workshops, classes & courses focussed on developing your sense of self-worth, embracing vulnerability, increasing emotional resilience and igniting inner strength.

Whether you’d simply like to learn how to meditate, or if you’re looking for a longer meditation programme to support you on your journey, it’s likely we’ve got something for you!

MIND Meditation services are designed with all of the below benefits in mind;

  • Increased Emotional Resilience
  • Increased Inclination to Exercise
  • Self Discovery
  • Memory Improvement
  • Managing Emotions
  • Increased Confidence
  • It’s likely you will experience stress reduction, decreased anxiety and improved sleep too!

LIFE is the home of our bold & brave merchandise!

We design self-affirmative clothing, accessories & stationary products designed to provoke thought, inspire empowerment and serve as your daily mantra of strength.

We believe that the more you surround yourself with powerful & empowering words, you’ll soon realise just how beautiful you are.

Yes, you heard us right…this is about YOU and how amazing YOU are.

Self worth pink and green print image | The Mind Set

BODY is coming soon!…

We plan to provide virtual and face-to-face wellbeing & fitness coaching & training sessions for groups or individuals…combining Fitness, Meditation & Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

Focussed on the Mind:Body connection, BODY services aim to break down limiting beliefs and enable you to recognise & capitalise on your physical potential!